Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trinket #170 - Clockwork Brooch

In the interest of full disclosure, I purchased the bones for this brooch as a necklace from Etsy. It never worked well as a necklace, so I moved a few bits around, added a couple of little things, and attached the whole construction to a brooch pin. I think this reinvented trinket would look dandy on a lapel or even on a hatband with some sort of upscale lady's steampunk ensemble...


  1. I have that exact design of filigree... Very steam-punkish and I love it!

    (PS.. I was trying to find a way to bend it and make it into a finger ring) :D

  2. I wonder if heating it would make it more pliable without cracking or flaking the finish when it bends? Hmmm... Now you have me thinking about experimenting...

  3. Heating it ... what a grand idea! Hmm.. now you have me thinking about you thinking! let me know..I'd love to hear your results..and possibly see them...