Saturday, January 1, 2011

Trinket #1 - Significant Beginnings

Just as I feared it might, turning the calendar page over to 2011 wiped my brain clean of all the ideas that have been churning in it for the past weeks. Stage fright, performance anxiety, whatever you choose to call it - the fear of failing before I ever got started struck me like a thunderbolt.

How did I shake it off? I started looking through my supply stash and just let my mind wander. I tried not to think about the consequences, only about the joy of making. After about ten minutes of this, something strange started happening - I got over the worry. Yep, letting my brain play for a while, instead of squeezing it in the clamp of Productivity, enabled it to reset to the excited and creative state it has been in since my announcing this project. Thanks to the Universe (and tricky psychology) that's when today's idea came to me.

These little baubles are made with silver wire, a tiny bit of chain, silver beads, and some Amazonite chips that I was particularly drawn to. They are significant to me for this year-long project because of those gemstones. If you're a believer in crystal power (I think the belief itself lends them a bit of power) then you'll be curious to know what they mean. offers this explanation:
"Like the feeling of taking a deep breath, this stone helps us to speak our personal truth. A soothing and calming stone, it aids us in releasing worries and fears so that we may communicate from the heart and break through our boundaries. Bringing clarity of thought, it helps us to deal with chaos and find a place of centered harmony."
If that doesn't sum up what this "Make Something 365" project is all about for me, I don't know what else can!


  1. Wonderful Beth, truly. I love Amazonite, I love the color, the purpose behind it, and the silver compliments them. You did wonderfully!

  2. Beth beautiful and serene....I love your explanation about the stones and their meaning for you. They beauty of this year long commitment and exercise was summed up by your words. Looking forward to a year of creating and personal revelations with you and the other 365ers

  3. I can hardly wait to make more :) I guess there's no limit to what you *should* make in a day, as long as there is at least one!

  4. Congrats on getting started! I love reading about your though process! Looking forward to following your progress!

  5. Many thanks to you, Noah, for the inspiration! I am also thankful that I have such a great circle of friends who are participating in this adventure with me - I see them plugging along and I'm less likely go give up before crossing the finish line. Keep in touch!