Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trinket #11 - Tying Knots and Singing Shanties

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I could use some practice when it comes to wire-wrapped jewelry. If you had not already noticed, each piece I've made since that post has incorporated wire wrapping in some fashion. Today's trinket was truly a challenge, but I absolutely love the result.

I decided to spend a little more time on this project because I felt like I had to rush a bit with yesterday's. As a test of both my fingers and my patience, I settled on a square knot design I played with on a pair of earrings about a week ago. They were not exactly complicated to bend, but getting the sections of the knot to interlink smoothly prompted enough expletives to make a pirate blush. If you think you're up for the task, take a look at this cool tutorial. (I made mine by wrapping the wire around a pencil instead of using the jig - saved a lot of headache this time around.)

The knots in this bracelet and the deep olive green glass - my absolute favorite color - made me think of sailors crossing the Atlantic on tall ships. I'll be sure to wear it the next time I plunder and pillage!

This trinket is made from silver wire and crackled glass beads.


  1. Nice..my absolutely favorite color as well. I believe that I am using to thick of a wire, as my bending and shaping would never give in to a square knot design, but rather would look like the end result of a seizure and possible trying it with my eyes closed.

    I will be purchasing some thinner wire, and possibly more restults with jewelry instead of a plethora of other, much harder items ;)


  2. Aww, come on! It's not TOO hard - you make it in two pieces and then hook them together like we used to do with those jelly bracelets back in the 80's :P

  3. OOOH! (and sorry, saw grammar and spelling errors after hitting "enter")... I see I see! I will go watch the tutorial ..

    Back in the 80's hehe...

  4. It is very beautiful. I too love the look of green glass, especially with silver. Another winner, and your photography is wonderful too. Each of your photos is like a feast for the eyes...