Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trinket #2 - Goodbye to Negative Thinking

Today's inspiration came easily - quite the contrast to yesterday's creative panic! I'm not sure just yet, but I think I'm over the start-up jitters. If I squint my eyes just right, I can almost see those steady work habits I've heard so much about starting to solidify in the distance...

I've been thinking about the legends and lore associated with gemstones a lot lately, and I found this Snowflake Obsidian in my treasure chest especially intriguing today.  Not only does it suit this gray and dreary day we're having in Virginia, it suits the mood I've been in since I started reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the year to come. I'm fired up to lose all of the negative influences that have been chipping away at me!

How about you? Are you ready to shake off all those wet blankets and get out there and make some noise? If so, maybe this gem is one that you should add to your collection. Snowflake Obsidian is not truly a stone in the geological sense, it is a volcanic glass that is formed from cooling lava. It is a beautiful example of the fiery and creative power of the earth captured in a smooth, glossy pebble. If you're wondering about it's metaphysical properties, the Pagan Rights Coalition shares this information:

"This form of obsidian is great for removing negative patterns of thinking. It reaches into the subconscious and helps to remove the blockages of the past. It's a great stone for self awareness and meditation."


  1. Again...beautiful! One of my favorite stones. Work habits??? You are an author, artist, radical thinker, mother, wife and jewelry designer...I'd say you have great work habits! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to day #3.

  2. Beautiful earrings, and the picture of rhe glass with the reflected light is great!

  3. Thanks again, ladies! Georgann, my work habits could use some SERIOUS restructuring. I could produce so much more if I was in the swing of doing things for a set amount of time each day instead of just (1) when either the spirit moves me or (2) when I have a nasty deadline squeezing it out of me!

  4. I agree, work habits need to be compared with the amount of projects you have/do. It's not like you sit around and eat bonbons all day long.

    They are gorgeous!