Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick-and-Easy Bracelet Tutorial

My brain is aching with all of the ideas I've been cramming into it over the past two weeks. I could not even tell you how many tabs are currently open on my web browser to sites with awesome inspiration. What I've been looking for lately are little kernels of ideas for projects that can be made with recycled material, found objects, or relatively few supplies.

One tutorial that really caught my eye was this fantastic bent wire bracelet project from Instructables (which is an awesome resource, by the way!) I've done some bent wire work before, but I'm much more motivated to do it now considering the price of beads and findings these days. All you really need are some pliers, wire, and a couple of household items (screwdrivers, wooden spoons, and headless nails are handy to wrap wire around.) If your wire is a little too puny to hold its form after bending, try making it into twists to bulk it up a bit. Once you get the hang of shaping the links for this bracelet, you can knock them out in no time at all!

Yep, you can bet I'll be hanging on to this one - not just for inspiration, but for those days when I'm short on time (and maybe materials) but still need to hit that Trinket Quota.