Thursday, December 30, 2010

Divine Inspiration?

I took my daughter to her weekly guitar lesson in Carytown yesterday, and while I waited for her, I wandered down the block to a very dangerous place - Bangles & Beads. Very dangerous to my bank account, that is.

I didn't really go in with anything in mind that I needed (pitfall #1) so I was completely overwhelmed by their selection. After about twenty minutes or so of walking around with my jaw hanging down to my chest, I finally settled on a few things I simply COULD NOT go home without. Even after telling myself I wasn't going to buy anything right away for this yearlong adventure, I found the Christmas money I received to help with the endeavor was just dying to worm its way out of my pocket (pitfall #2.) I picked up some wire, a hefty strand of amethyst chips, a strand of garnets that just felt so nice that I couldn't put them down, and my favorite of the lot - a strand of wooden skull beads that were love at first sight.

I'm not a Christian, and I'm certainly far from Catholic, but these beads inspired an idea for a project that will likely come together before the end of January: a rosary. Maybe it's all the reading on Voodoo I've been doing lately, or maybe it's the way the beads look so neat and orderly on their silky cord, but I cannot think of making anything else with them!


  1. What is it about loving and appreciating the unusual, the different, not being a sheeple.. I don't know, but I see visions in my head as well of your idea. Excited to see the final project!

  2. Totally agree on this one Beth...the stones are FABULOUS and the skulls are mondo!!! That store IS that place. I can hardly wait to see what you do with this baubles!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm excited to get to work with these beads - I may be up at midnight tonight playing with them ;)