Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trinket #71 - Leafy Earrings

Wow! I was only away for a couple of days, but everything turned green while I was gone! Daffodils are up and blooming, the hydrangeas are unfurling, and I can even see flower buds ripening on the azaleas. Our lawn was a dismal shade of beige three days ago, but now it is a gorgeous peridot color. The rain may have swollen the river more than 15 feet above flood level, but it sure worked some magic everywhere else around town.

My "welcome home" trinket is this pair of earrings made from green glass beads and silver leaves. So glad to be back with my crafting supplies, my regular computer, and mostly my family!


  1. Welcome back! Stuff is blooming in our yard like crazy as well and every time L. and I walk or drive around, she says Forsythia, explosions of delightful yellow in neighborhood after neighborhood. She likes it for the first signs of spring kind of feel. Very cool earrings by the way!

  2. Love that color of green. Not much green here yet, but our little crab apple tree had at least 60 little wrens in and under it today (Henry put out birdseed), and two of them are building a nest in the birdhouse again this year!