Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trinket #60 - Huginn and Muninn

As you probably noticed, my plain white backgrounds didn't last very long at all. Full color is back today with these quick earrings. The focal point of the trinket is the brushed bronze raven on each. Think of them as Huginn and Muninn, Odin's little pals. Added to the bottom of the earrings for a bit of interest and movement are some Serpentine nuggets. The gem's metaphysical properties are thought to help find lost wisdom and to provide enlightening energy - another nod to Odin.

I have a fondness for crows and ravens that began many years ago after watching a film about a study done to measure the birds' cognitive capacity. Needless to say - it was off the charts. Adolescent ravens will hang out in "gangs" and hassle the older mated pairs for their own amusement. The male of the mated pair will chase off the hecklers repeatedly, sometimes without eating for long periods, just to protect his wife. Sounds more like human society than I feel comfortable with.

For years after seeing this film, I kept a crow call in my purse in the event I saw a lone bird and wanted to try and offer it something. Apparently, if you befriend one, even though it has spent all of its life in the wild, the bird will still bond with you. I keep my hopes up that someday I'll have a tasty piece of bread, or a Cheeto (like the study found ravens and crows are quite fond of), and can make a feathered friend of one of these intelligent beauties.

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  1. Oooh! I really like those, how creative and original!