Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trinket #34 - An Epic Voyage of Frustration

I was in a great mood when I began today's trinket, I swear I was. I was still in a great mood when I put the finishing touches on it, too. Things went south when I pulled out the camera. I had taken no less than forty shots before I was able to capture one in focus, and it's a long, weird story.

First of all, the little wooden amulet there is a slice of a fruit tree from our yard with a runic symbol of protection burned into it. This symbol in particular is from the Galdrabók, an ancient Icelandic grimoire, and is some powerful stuff from what I understand. The rest of the necklace is made from silver wire and some reclaimed amber glass beads.

Here's where things get odd. I tried to photograph this necklace in five different settings with varied lighting in each. Not a single shot worked. Some were way beyond overexposed, some were nearly black, and in some the camera just tried to focus on "something" in the field between the lens and the necklace. I shot in the kitchen on a board, in the dining room on a ceramic chicken, in the living room on a table - nothing was working.

Just when I was about to give up, I remembered I had a book on the shelf about viking artifacts. I pulled it down, put the necklace across a page, and like a miracle of miracles the shot came out brilliantly on the first try.

So, there ya go. An easy trinket with a not-so-easy photo session. I guess it just needed to be in familiar territory...


  1. Simply Love.
    No seriously.. love the write up, love the materials used.. love it all.

  2. Great, Beth! Interesting tale! I'll have to look up that symbol.