Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trinket #30 - Whiskey, Copper, and Green Glass

I hate shopping for clothes. I do it, but I certainly don't enjoy it. Yesterday was an exception, however, because I spotted this green hoodie and discovered it was on sale for only $3! I cannot tell you how much I love this rich, grassy color (or that kind of deal.) Let's just say I love it so much that I'm considering going back and buying all the shop had in my size so I'll have at least one to wear after another falls apart. Hopefully I can score enough to last me at least the next decade.

Today's trinket was inspired simply by the eye-pleasing shade of this new jacket. I cranked up some Flogging Molly, poured a dram of Jameson, and saluted my Celtic roots while I pieced together the copper chain adorned with faceted green glass beads and clear seed beads. The little copper charm that dangles from the bottom was salvaged from the Junk Box!

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