Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trinket #27 - Ocean View Ring

My brain is aching today thanks to cramming it full of Latin terms and science facts in class, so I was not feeling much like concentrating on a trinket. Surprisingly, I think my general slackassery was beneficial in crafting something new and different.

This is the first ring I've made since beginning this year-long endeavor, but not the first ring I've ever made. Still, I am seriously lacking in technique, so this one is definitely a green attempt. I used one of the beads leftover from that reclaimed bracelet I broke apart the other day, two tiny glass seed beads, and some hefty silver wire. Lacking a jewelers mandrel, I wrapped this little trinket around a purse-size lipstick tube that happens to be the same diameter as my finger. Hey, use what you have, right?

I love the result and can see that I'll be making more of these in the future, especially on those days where I'm pressed for time or when motivation is waning.