Friday, January 28, 2011

Trinket #28 - Sunset Ring

Look, another first! Yep, the first trinket I've produced this year (actually, in many years) using gold. I've enjoyed looking at yesterday's ring so much that I decided to give it another go today. For this ring, I found a chunky Agate bead in the bottom of the junk box and decided to let it go solo.

I love the soft terracotta color of this Agate. After reading the metaphysical properties of this stone, it's no wonder I was drawn to it this evening. Bernardine Fine Art Jewelry offers this meaning:

"Agate is believed to prevent insomnia and insure pleasant dreams, to enhance personal courage and protect one against danger. It provides a calming influence, improves perception, concentration and helps to develop and increase one's analytical talents."

And I know what you're all thinking - why in the world do I still have a pumpkin? It's still fresh, that's why!


  1. I want to look inside your "junk box." Another beautiful trinket, Beth Brown!

  2. Hmmm... Maybe at the end of the month I should post a photo of this mysterious box?

  3. I didn't see this earlier. Weird... it's not showing up in my list. You have mastered rings..I'm impressed. Nice job!

  4. lily just said, "wait, she MADE that ring?! is she a jeweler or something?" tee hee hee! very impressive, mrs. brown! and now you have potential minions to inspire.