Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trinket #23 - Aquamarine Redux, AKA Beating the Winter Blues

These beads have to be one of the happiest colors I've ever seen! They remind me of clear streams and summer skies, two things I'm certainly pining for this winter. I cranked up some warm-weather reggae this morning and put these reclaimed bits and pieces to work on a sparkly necklace to brighten up these dull days indoors.

The beads started life on a stretchy bracelet I picked up at the Claire's clearance store for fifty cents last year. All jammed together, they looked a bit gaudy, so I paired them up with silver wire and clear glass seed beads to make them more of an accent and less of an eyesore. There are still enough left that I can put together a matching pair of earrings if the spirit moves me, which I suspect it will.

Also pictured here is another heirloom knickknack from the House of Brown. I think that at the end of the month, I may put together a photo of just the items I've used as props for these trinkets. Anyone interested?


  1. Why yes, I am interested. I really like the props you use.

    The beads really are a happy color!

  2. Love that a lot.. I'm bouncing between loving your silver creations and your copper creations. Pretty soon, you'll have two more followers. I'm helping my mother set up a account and a friend, they both adore your trinkets.

    As I told you earlier.. we did crafts this weekend, one of the things I made was a necklace, and my mother was fascinated by the little twists and turns and decided she wants to learn how. And there you go.. not only are we working our own challenge, but we are inspiring others for their own challenges.