Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trinket #22 - A Matched Set

I have had the bracelet I made yesterday sitting in front of my computer monitor since posting it. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it, so I decided to make today's trinket a companion piece using more copper and Unakite.

Because I just love the tactile quality of a strand made from smaller parts, I went all-out and made this one an 18-inch necklace. To dress it up a little more, I made a pendant from copper FIMO (which has beaten out pearl white as my new favorite shade, by the way) by pressing a fallen leaf from a ficus that resides in my kitchen. After it had been baked and cured, I rubbed it with a bit of burnt umber acrylic paint to bring out the veining and give it more of an old-penny look.

I'm not a big jewelry person (ironic, I know) but this piece is definitely going to stay in my own personal stash. Those pieces that have already started filling every horizontal surface and flowerpot ledge in my house, though, are going to have find new homes before the husband and kids start feeling too cramped. To help those move along, I'll be listing a handful of them on Etsy over the next few days. Stop by and take a look!


  1. Beautiful! I have three to catch up on.. they are done, just not posted. I love how Fall/earthy this looks. I bet it looks divine on!

  2. i think your skull and E's heart beads would be awesome together in some trinket form...and one i'd happily etsy shop for! :)