Monday, April 18, 2011

Trinket # 108 - Tree of Life Necklace

I'll try and keep the whining brief, but today was a total headache. I tried (but failed) to dodge road work practically everywhere in this town on my to view sites and write estimates for the day job. After that, I tried (but failed) to take the kids somewhere fun to enjoy some outdoor time during Spring Break, but the places we visited were so full that we couldn't find parking after riding around for 10-15 minutes, so we gave up. I broke up sibling scuffles for the remainder of the afternoon.

Now that you know what today was like, a quick trinket should come as no surprise. This necklace is a simple tree of life charm looped onto a lovely aqua satin ribbon. I'm actually quite pleased with the way it turned out. That's a funny thing that happens when you just start putting things together with no set outcome in mind - your inner editor relaxes and you enjoy making things.

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