Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trinket #81 - Serpentine Earrings

Today was a whopper - class, final exam, luncheon, kids, dinner, and about a million other trivial bits of everyday stuff. I'm sure you're as tired of seeing earrings as I am of making them, but rest assured that it's only a time issue which will soon resolve itself thanks to my class concluding this Thursday. I'm looking forward to having some of those Tues/Thurs hours back again!

I thought I'd photograph these with the last few minutes of daylight in my favorite little ornamental tree - a serpentine weeping cherry. The tree and the earrings are so similar in shape that it seemed like a natural match. Sadly, a storm is expected to blow through here (again) tonight and it will likely blast all of these sweet little flowers right from the branches. No worries. I can always see them in pictures until next spring.

Oh, and if you're wondering, the beads are more of those faceted jet rounds from earlier in the week.

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