Friday, March 4, 2011

Trinket #63 - Spring Green Cubes

I spent a good amount of time outdoors today prepping the garden beds for vegetables. Last spring and summer were so busy for me, I didn't really get the "itch" like I normally do - you know, the need to get out and dig and plant and prune. It has really hit me hard over the last two weeks and I'm eager to put that motivation to good use now. I want to be able to sit back and relax in July and August when the weather is 100+ degrees with air so humid you feel like you're swallowing it instead of breathing.

The roses are sending out their leaves, the trees have finally started to show some signs of life, and the day lilies and spiderwort are already about six inches high. Inspired by all of this tender foliage, I went for the green beads once again tonight. These bright yellow-green cubes (Peridot Jasper) remind me of the outside of daffodil flowers before they bloom. I may just wear them tomorrow to add a bit of glamour to  hauling mulch and spreading compost!

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