Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trinket #58 - Feng Shui Earrings

I had a problem today. Instead of having nothing at all that seemed to inspire me, I had too much! I told myself early on in this project that I would not buy more supplies until what I already had on hand was dwindling. That day came much sooner than I expected, so I headed to the craft store and picked up more chain, ear wires, and a handful of various bird charms. My new stock more than doubled when we visited my mother-in-law this afternoon and she presented me with a bag of goodies that included a fantastic box of lapidary beads, some mother of pearl beads and pendants, and lots of other cool stuff.

True to my frugal roots, I plan on making this haul last a long time. I'm getting back to basics, cleaning up the clutter, and celebrating sleek lines and simple designs. I'm letting the chi flow...

That brings me to today's trinket - a pair of earrings made from jadeite beads, clear glass seed beads, silver head pins, and two of the fancy new ear wires.