Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trinket #53 - Traveler's Ring and Earrings

I stopped in the bead shop on my way home after class today because I was running out of wire. Instead of my usual silver, I picked up two spools with a lovely antique bronze finish to change things up a bit. There is just something about that color that reminds me of what you might find in a Gypsy's vardo rolling across the countryside somewhere.

I wanted to pair up this wire with some sort of exotic jingling coins, but settled instead for these lovely Tiger's Eye chips. The ring was made by weaving and stitching the wire-wrapped stones together and then attaching them to a basic wire ring backbone. The earrings were made by simply "trapping" each stone with the wire and wrapping the finished strand of four to receive an ear hook.

My lovely daughter is the recipient of this set - she's even modeling for this photo!

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