Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trinket #9 - Birds of a Feather

The past few weeks here in central Virginia have been unseasonably cold and snowy. We have always fed the birds in the area, but we've found that this weather has made them much more dependent on our offerings. In fact, I took a peek at one of the feeders this morning and counted more than a dozen mourning doves and a cardinal on the ground below it, about six sparrows at the feeding perch, a pair of chickadees waiting patiently on the post that holds the feeder, and a lone tufted titmouse squeezing into the buffet line. Paul just filled a 32-oz seed container last night and it already needs filling again!

I guess I have these feathered friends to thank for inspiring today's trinket. The necklace is made from silver chain and features another bird's nest made from annealed steel and silver beads. A swallow charm on silver wire flies alongside.

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  1. I would say, about a year ago on Etsy, I saw the wire bird nests, and instantly fell in love with them. I love all animals, but never had I connected with birds as much until my son and mother showed such love for them. I then became very aware of everything bird. I've made several birdhouses for my mother, and was always taking photos of birds for my son. Birds of a feather I've used several times in my life, and it was generally in a positive manner. This is very elegant and meaningful. I love it!