Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trinket #18 - Full Moon Madness

Today started off wacky what with it looking like the Fortress of Solitude outdoors and my daughter's school being delayed two hours because of it. My schedule was thrown for a loop, a million-and-one obstacles came up before noon, and a hand injury was thrown in just for good measure - but I am nothing if not flexible.

I figure it's safe to blame the day's "off" feeling on the nearly-here full moon. Yes, I am superstitious, but centuries of observation have come to the same conclusion: people act strangely at specific points in the lunar cycle. This behavior, however, does not seem to be caused by the moon itself, but rather a person's preconceived notions regarding the link between our nearest celestial neighbor and the psyche. In other words, if you believe you're cranky because of the full moon, you will be cranky during that lunar phase. Self-perpetuating frustration! Aaarrgh!

I decided to make a little full moon talisman to safeguard me from all the craziness today. Remember those FIMO moons from December? One of them is front and center on the pendant of this necklace and is surrounded by silver wire, silver chain, several moonstone chips, and a potpourri of seed beads.


  1. this might be my favorite so far. :)

  2. beautiful design :) I stopped by for a vist from geordannah blog :)