Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even MORE Motivation

In preparation for a year of making things, I decided to stop in the Fountain Bookstore and say hello to fellow Richmonder, Noah Scalin. In addition to being an all-around nice guy, Noah is the author of "SKULLS" and "365: A Daily Creativity Journal" - and the inspiration of everyone participating in the Make Something 365 challenge.

We chatted a bit about his skulls project, writing, and creativity in general. I told him about this trinket-a-day plan and he gave me an enthusiastic thumbs-up! He was even more excited when I told him that my husband and I were going to be doing this as a couple (he'll be making toys - be sure to follow his progress, too.) It was actually the hubby who motivated me to dedicate myself to this in the first place, so a big THANK YOU is owed to him as well.

I'm still busy gathering supplies and making sure I have things organized for what's to come. I've imagined every worst-case scenario (a long day on the road and having to make something in the car, late night emergency room crafting, you name it...) and have started a notebook of all the quick projects and fun ideas I've dug out of this mind o' mine. More will be added, certainly during the next week, but also throughout the upcoming year.

Only nine days to go - I can hardly wait to get started!

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