Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catch the Creative Spark!

I've enjoyed taking part in catchy little creative challenges for a long time. Whenever I feel I need a push or just can't come up with any new idea, I look to things like story starters or themed projects like Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesdays to get me going. I don't always follow the rules (you should have guessed that already) but the results are still the same - I get something done.

Because I have such a fondness for these gimmicky prompts, I've decided to start my own series as part of this Trinket a Day journey and share them here with anyone hoping to add a spark to their "Make Something 365" endeavor (or ANY creative activity!)

What's a gimmicky prompt without a gimmicky name? BLAH, that's what. So, I hereby launch Motif Mondays! Every Monday morning, bright and honkin early, I will pull a random theme out of my bag of tricks and post it here for all to see. To participate, all you have to do is use the theme as your inspiration for your creative project that day. Interpret it any way you wish, as long as you use it as your starting point. When you're done for the day and have shared your creation with the world, drop a link in a comment for that Monday's motif post. Ta-da!

This Monday, jump on board and get ready to make something with me. Heck, tell your friends and we'll have a little party every week! Just drop by and look for this header:

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