Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Time to Win Some Trinkets!

My Trinket-a-Day project is rapidly approaching the halfway mark with only TEN DAYS to go! To celebrate (and to make more room for finished projects) I'll be giving away five special trinkets to some lucky readers on Saturday, July 2nd.

Keep these goodies for yourself, pass them on to that "special someone", or maybe surprise a friend who's having a bad day - whatever floats your boat!

To qualify for the prize drawing, leave a comment for this post answering the question:

How do you stay motivated in your creative endeavors?

Sorry, anonymous comments cannot qualify, so be sure to log in or use your real name. Winners will be selected at random and will be notified via blog post.

Please pass this post along so we can put together the biggest and baddest collection of creative motivators possible! Good luck :D


  1. I have several different methods. I forever am scouring my surroundings (that’s the photographer in me) to inspire me. If I come up with something in my mind, often I will search the internet for interpretations of others (and their ideas). Which then leads me to A) use that as a foundation to stem from B) allows my mind to come up with different or new solutions C) encourages me to step outside the box and do it a new and different way.

    Since I rarely to never use a pattern for anything I do, it keeps it open to often never have the exact same thing twice. I will let the attractions of others influence my trinket, especially if it’s a gift. Even though I still am doing the trinket a day (just not posting them) I have given almost every item away as a gift (or the intention of making it specifically for someone). Some I have kept for myself, using that also as incentive to make something different or unusual to accompany it.

  2. you know what spurs my creativity the most? PANIC. i'm a horrible procrastinator, (or maybe i'm just way too busy and things get put off!) but that always seems to work in my favor: i have had some of my best ideas at the 11th hour.

  3. (but i didn't really answer your question, did i? i suppose i never really stay motivated, since the whole creative process gets compressed in a last ditch effort to come up with something fantastic.)