Friday, April 1, 2011

Trinket #91 - Emergency Supply Bracelet

I headed out to speak at a conference in western Virginia today. I was more than an hour from home when I realized that I had left the tools and supplies I had packed to bring with me on my kitchen table. Fortunately, about a mile beyond my point of realization (and subsequent panic!) there was a Big Lots.

I was willing to take whatever I could get, but was thrilled to find this little bracelet kit for only $2.00 - HOORAY CHEAP! The kit contains five types of beads and this cool stretchy, clear filament that looks a bit like fishing line but can double in length without straining. The label says it should be enough supplies for 5 bracelets, but it looks more like 8-10 to me. Because I forgot all of my tools, I also picked up these scissors ($0.75) and a strand of yellow frosted glass disk beads ($1.00) to use in tomorrow's special trinket. Oh, did I mention that I left without my SD card reader again? I grabbed another one that's going to take up permanent residence in my suitcase.

After settling my nerves and stocking up on emergency supplies, I made it to the conference with plenty of time to spare. While waiting to find out what I needed to do and who I needed see, I browsed the vendor tables outside of the lecture halls and met a couple of amazing ladies with even more amazing trinkets! Just seeing the cool offerings from Skull Fly made me pine for my kooky craft bin at home :(  You should definitely take a few minutes to check out their goodies.

Anyway, the gray and hematite bracelet at the bottom right of the photo is the quick project of the night. It also just so happens to match my outfit for tomorrow!

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