Monday, March 28, 2011

Trinket #87 - Lucky Garnet Bracelet

Two bracelets in a row! I love these garnet beads and will be quite sad when I've used them all. I know where to get more, but the price tag for this quality stone is a bit higher than my conscious is comfortable with me paying. I guess my choices are (1) get over it or (2) find a less expensive supplier. The search begins tomorrow!

Now for the elephant, er... pigeon in the room. My awesome "grandpa" neighbor used to raise pigeons just like this one. In fact, this is a life-size ceramic model that he painted many moons ago. Believe me, he had some mad painting skills - during his prime, he was one of only two people in the state of Virginia who made prosthetic eyes (painted to match your very own!) for those who had lost one for whatever reason. Apparently I know an above-average number of folks with prosthetic eyes because several of his former clients - and he remembers every one of them - are friends of mine. Seriously small world.

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