Friday, March 18, 2011

Trinket #77 - Mother of Supermoon Earrings

You've been informed about the current state of the moon, right? It is at it's closest to the Earth as it will be for another six years or so and will appear huge in the night sky for a few evenings this week. The cool astronomical term for this - SUPERMOON. Personally, I would have gone with "Megamoon", but I'll take it.

Today's trinket pays homage to this natural wonder with it's soft golden disks of mother of pearl that represent the enormous full moon of tomorrow. They are adorned with a bit of silver chain as moonbeams to give a little movement to each.

Also, for the curious, the background photo is a brilliant gelatin silver print by Willie Anne Wright called "Chancellorsville, 1988, George A. Custer". It is currently showing as part of Civil War Redux: Pinhole Photos of Reenactments at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts!

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