Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trinket #50 - Garnet Cluster Earrings

Pretty self explanatory trinket today. These earrings were made with some of those delicious-looking garnets that remind me so much of pomegranate seeds. I popped them onto some gunmetal wires and DONE. I'll likely be keeping these for myself because, oh boy, I could really use a little of the boost they offer.

The Gemstone Dictionary provides this description of the metaphysical properties of garnets:

"A garnet gemstone worn as jewelry or simply held in your hand (or pocket) helps to expand your awareness of the world around you and all the spiritual energies contained there in. They are the perfect stones to aid in helping you to manifest your desires and needs into reality. If you are working The Secret (Law of Attraction), keep a garnet with you any time you are attuning your mind to the things you are manifesting. It not only helps you keep your mind on your goal but also helps to speed the process.

If you find yourself feeling down in the dumps and having a hard time getting going, try meditating or wearing a garnet. The garnet gemstone can bring out your passion for life and for living, bring you closer to family and friends. It restores your vitality and passion for life giving you extra energy and stay ability. Don't turn to stimulants like caffeine, absorb the healing energies of garnet to increase your energies and sail through the rest of your day."


  1. I did not know that about the Garnet stone. These are adorable Beth!

  2. I'm wearing these today and thinking about my short-term goals! I'll try a bit of meditating on them later tonight...