Friday, January 7, 2011

Trinket #7 - Traveling Without a Destination

I've always had a fondness for the lifestyle of the Gypsies - traveling, making things, celebrating culture, and enjoying the company of loved ones. Sure, the need arises to do an odd job here and there, but it is truly the lifestyle of working to live instead of living to work. My secret wish has always been to live on the road like that, a wish that sort of sounds strange coming from someone who lives less than five miles from the place she grew up.

Long ago, in a life not so very far away, Paul and I used to make jewelry and sell it out of the back of our car. If we had the itch to go somewhere, we packed up and left that day. It was great fun, but we eventually settled down and had kids. Dropping everything and driving three states away just because you feel like it is a whole lot tougher when you have young kids (or pets) to look after. Now that the kids are getting older, I can see that sense of adventure creeping back into our lives a tiny bit at a time.

Today's trinket is an adventure-inspired bracelet. Why? To reminisce about those carefree days of the past and to celebrate completing one week on this grand creative trek! The two have so much in common that it almost makes my brain ache to think about it.

This bracelet is made from silver wire, silver beads, a carved bone skull bead (because I love bracelets with a little something that dangles), and some really cool Job's Tears, a bead made from seeds of a tropical grass.


  1. Adorable.. I love the color of the seeds! I'll be honest, I'd do the gypsy thing in a heartbeat as well.. I guess KIND of in a way we do when we go camping, it's getting away, but actually doing it full time would be.. a dream come true!

  2. Lovely in it's quiet simplicity...Beth your words are an inspiration along with your jewelry...G