Monday, January 3, 2011

Trinket #3 - Blowing in the Wind

Today is the first of many Motif Monday projects! In case you were wondering, the choice of theme came from the first song title that jumped out at me when I opened my media library this morning.

After thinking about it for an hour or so while getting the daughter off to school and the husband off to work, a single image was stuck in my mind - a tornado. I know that's not exactly the omniscient breeze to which Bob Dylan was referring, but it's the only visual I could get. Today's trinkets (yes, another pair of earrings) are made from silver and copper wire funnel clouds and are accented by tiny, faceted glass beads that look a bit like raindrops. Maybe I should hang on to these to wear in stormy weather?

No significant meaning for these creations today, just a quick and easy project knocked out between Mom and Wife duties. I am, however, really drawn to that sunlight shining in the dining room windows this morning!

1 comment:

  1. I do love how these shine..all of it compliments other parts of it.. the sun charging them also is magnificent.. nice job!