Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trinket #20 - Warming Up for Valentine's Day

Whether you think Valentine's Day is a significant cultural celebration of love or just a greedy commercial monster, you've got to admit that it's sort of fun to see all those sappy pink and red hearts for a few weeks each year. Personally, I've never been enamored (terrible pun, I know) with the holiday, but I enjoy seeing my kids get excited about sharing little tokens of love and friendship with their peers.

Today's trinket is a pair of Valentine-inspired earrings for my daughter. She went with me to the bead shop last week and wanted these lovely ruby glass hearts more than anything in the entire store! I traded her a couple of amber leaves for these two from her strand and set them aside for this secret project. They looked a little sad and plain until I introduced them to a couple of strands of silver chain with heart-shaped links. I think they look like they were made for each other - a perfect pair!

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  1. OH Beth, seriously... see now I want to copy those. I'd like to think that will be taken as a form of flattery. I love the color red (and I'm not a red fan-probably because they are ruby) and the heart loops.. and OMG what is that they are hanging on?

    What a wonderful post!

  2. Pfft! Copy away :)

    The earrings are hanging on an tiny antique soup tureen that belonged to Paul's grandmother. Funny you should ask about it because I was thinking today how odd it was that everyone was getting an intimate look inside my house (and all the junk collected) with each trinket post.

  3. Beautiful, Beth Brown. Daughter Brown is lucky to have such a creative mom!