Friday, January 14, 2011

Trinket #14 - A Serious Case of Spring Fever

All this talk of gardening lately has made me anxious to get outside and start digging. While a spring thaw is still months away, I've turned my longing for leaves and green things toward my jewelry. I suppose that's the best sort of inspiration - turning frustration into something productive!

Time is sparse for me again today, and earrings are a quick project to knock out. I did at least give a little extra by making these multi-strand dangles instead of something plain and simple, and I happen to like the soft tinkling sound of the metal and glass.

These are made from a pair of brilliant jadeite leaf beads snatched from the bargain basket at the bead shop, freshwater pearls, silver and glass seed beads, and silver wire. The little key charms were added simply because I found them in the bottom of my junk box and thought they would give a nice "Secret Garden" finishing touch.


  1. Love the "secret garden" touch!!

  2. Love this little trinkets of springtime! I love little "tinkles" of trinkets in my ears too. The shade of green is so, so lovely, it is almost the same color as the lily of the valley vase in my blog tonight. Wonderful job again, and I loved your article on procrastination!

  3. Beautiful earrings, and the Secret Garden keys are great. I love keys...have one above each of the rooms upstairs and a giant one propped in the living room!

  4. I might possibly be the only one that truly doesn't have Spring fever. These are adorable Beth. I think I want to make more earrings.. between you and G.. you are making me want more for even my own jewelry box.