Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trinket #13 - Building a Creative Routine

My day today is full of appointments and driving. Today is also the first day of this project that I've really felt like I had a creative routine that I needed to stick to. This is a good thing - this means that I now have an automatic urge to make something at the same time each day. I've harnessed some powerful energy!

Because I'm on the run, I had to make something quick. I picked up these gorgeous amber leaves at the bead shop yesterday (I know - I should really stay out of there) and paired them with some silver wire, silver beads, and tiny amber-colored glass seed beads for these earrings. Total build time was under ten minutes!

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, I'll make a speedy announcement: Friday posts will now include a segment called Creative Corner, alternating weeks of project instructions and articles on creativity. Be sure to subscribe (did you see that big bead-looking button at the top right?) so you don't miss a post!


  1. This is wonderful! And school, so now your day is even more packed! For these only taking 10 minutes.. *shakes her head* .. they are adorable. I lvoe the color, and the length. Since I am a sucker for trees, I am also a sucker for leaves.

    You are expanding your horizons Beth, in all ways. Enjoy the rewards!

  2. Thanks, Moo! Classes will only take up one day a week, but I still have to make that balance out with the other six days so I don't get behind on projects and duties. *crossing fingers*